How to Save Money on Business Telephony

Business telephony is essential but can be costly if things are not kept in check. Of course, you want technology that’s going to help you get ahead and run your business both efficiently and effectively. You don’t want to have to pay the earth for this. If you’re smart, there are ways of getting great communications equipment and services on a budget. In this post, we give some tips for saving money on your business telephony. Including: how to find cheap telephones without compromising on functionality, how to get the best deals on call services and how to source good, but cheap telephone engineers.

Finding cheap telephone systems without compromising on functionality 

Cheap telephone systems and cheap telephones can sometimes mean entry level, very basic hardware with limited functionality. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Just because you’re on a low budget, why should you have to compromise on functionality? You don’t. You can, in fact, benefit from the very latest technology with loads of amazing features for just a few pounds per month, if you choose a hosted telephone system service. Instead of blowing the whole budget on the best entry level phone system that you can afford, you can get a hosted telephone system for no initial cost whatsoever. You simply pay regular, fixed monthly instalments for the use of the service, which is hosted and managed by a provider of cloud phone systems. In our opinion, this is the very best option for those seeking cheap telephone systems because, for next to nothing, you can enjoy the latest technology and many advanced features.

Getting the best deals on lines and calls

Sourcing cheap telephone systems is only one aspect of saving money on business telephony. If you want to continue saving money over the long term, you will need to ensure that you are getting the best possible deals on your call services. You don’t necessarily have to take your lines and calls service with the company that sells you your phone system. It’s always best to search the market and compare prices for the cheapest possible deal. You should continue to do this on a regular basis to ensure that you are always on the cheapest deal. Many companies end up spending more on business telephony because they never bother to switch provider. You can even switch providers when you are still in contract by taking advantage of services such as CTA (call traffic only) and LCR (least cost routing). If you are using a hosted telephony service, check regularly to see if you are getting the best deal or whether you would get more for your money by switching. New hosted telephony providers are cropping up all the time so the market is constantly changing. You might be able to get better features for less money by switching to a different company.

Sourcing good, but cheap telephone engineers

Any business that wants to maintain the reliability of its communications equipment needs to take proper care of it. If you are on a very small budget, you will need to find cheap telephone engineers. However, just because you are looking for cheap telephone engineers doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. There are companies out there that deliver an outstanding service at a much cheaper price than their competitors. It’s just a matter of finding them. First, search for cheap telephone engineers in and around your local area and then, once you have a shortlist of companies within your budget, you can make comparisons between them. Look for experience and a positive reputation, as demonstrated by good customer reviews. Contact the companies and get a feel for the service they offer over the phone, as this will often be a good indicator of the service they offer in general.