Cloud Phone Systems

If you are tired of your featureless in-house telephone system, then it might be time to move towards Cloud Phone Systems. Cloud computing has transformed the way businesses access data and applications and now it is beginning to transform the way businesses communicate. At Midland Telecom Networks, we are proud to introduce our latest line of Cloud Phone Systems. Cloud telephony is a reliable, scalable and cost effective solution for all of your business communication needs. Unlike traditional phone systems, a Cloud Phone Systems doesn’t require expensive equipment or complicated installation. An additional benefit of cloud telephony is that it can be integrated with your existing telephone system, to offer you an extensive range of options.

Unifying Communication

Our Cloud Phone Systems unify all communications to offer your business a feature-rich, scalable and affordable system that meets all your internal and external communication needs. We tailor our solutions to incorporate essential communication mediums that streamline business communications such as instant messaging, voice and video calling, multi-party video collaboration and desktop sharing. The entire phone system is virtually hosted in the cloud which means it doesn’t require any hardware. Our range of cloud phone system packages offer you a wide selection of features including Instant Online Call History, Fax to Email, call recording, Voicemail to Email, Call Transfer and Do Not Disturb to name but a few.

For a Cloud Phone Systems in Birmingham, Midland Telecom Networks or anywhere in the UK- we believe we are the number one choice for customer satisfaction. For more details about how a cloud phone system could benefit your business contact us at Midland Telecom Networks today. Remember the possibilities are endless in the cloud!

Want to know more about our  service? Watch our video on the benefits of Cloud Phone Systems.