Business Broadband aDSL

Business aDSL Broadband is an up to 24Mb service. At time has moved on Business aDSL connections are typically used as aDSL backup for more substantial connections or where aDSL broadband is the only connection type available.  Midland Networks offer guaranteed voice quality Business aDSL connections for companies with less than ten employees while preferring to use larger connections above ten employees. All UK suppliers provide an "up to" service and follow up with an "estimated speed", it is essential to understand the differences.  Distance from the local telephone exchange is the critical factor, so while a business within a short distance from the exchange may get the full 24Mb connection, a company over a mile from the exchange will have a lower connection speed. At Midland, we are able to give you advice on the estimated speed of your business aDSL before you purchase.

Our Business Broadband aDSL services are provided throughout the UK and can be used individually or part of a larger voice and data network with mixed services to include aDSL, vDSL, Ethernet and SDWAN.

There are ways to boost and stabilise aDSL Broadband if you find you have a "flaky" connection. Most internet providers ignore these methods as they prefer a standardised infrastructure, which is easier to manage for them, but less advantageous for you the customer.  Here at Midland, we use many methods to ensure a better connection for you.



All of our Business Broadband and Business Internet packages come with the option of on-site support and this service starts from as little as a few pounds per month. We also have the facility to fully manage connections with a 24/7 support service.  Our business broadband aDSL/vDSL products for businesses are supplied without routers as most businesses like to use their current router or one provided by their I.T. company. If you do require a router, please let us know and we can give you a range of options to suit your needs, be it a basic router or VPN Firewalls with anti-virus and spam protection built it.

Call us today to discuss your options for a fast, reliable and cost effective business broadband service.

Want to know more? Watch our video on business broadband.