Vodafone is the UK's longest running mobile network. In fact, the first ever UK mobile phone call was made on the Vodafone network to Sir Ernest Harrison, who was the chairman of Racal Vodafone. The call from his son Michael was short and sweet, "Hi, it's Mike. Happy New Year. This is the first-ever call on a UK mobile network". Ernie Wise made the first 'official' call using the network later the same day. Over thirty years later Vodafone have remained one of the largest networks in the UK with a commitment to the continuous improvement of its network infrastructure, which has helped keep them in the top three mobile phone network providers in the world, measured by subscribers.

Vodafone received the largest portion of the 4g spectrum, which was auctioned off in February 2013, and began rolling out their new ultrafast network in London. Today, Vodafone 4g has been rolled out to over 300 towns, cities and districts across the country and this is ever growing with a £1 billion investment in their network.

At Midland Telecom Networks Ltd, we partner with Vodafone to offer fast and reliable mobile connections that your business can rely on. We have a range of Vodafone tariffs available to suit all businesses, whether small or large. We take the time to get to know your business and the requirements of any mobile phone package you may require, to offer you something perfectly tailored to the needs of your business, in both the tariff and the handset if you require one. With Vodafone and Midland Telecom Networks Ltd you know you are in safe hands. We will allocate you a point of contact to ensure the transition goes smoothly; they will answer any questions that arise throughout the lifetime of your agreement.

If you are looking at business mobile solutions for your business then get in touch today to discuss your requirements and let us find the perfect solution for you and your business.