Non-Geographic numbers

Non-geographic numbers (NGNs) can be directed to any existing landline, mobile or international number because they have the benefit of being geographically independent of any area in the UK. Consumers often call non-geo numbers for information or to make payments for services. Non-geo numbers include 03, 05, 070/076, 080, 0845, 0870, 0843/4, 0871/2/3, 09, 116 and 118 numbers; they are commonly used by businesses, financial institutions, government agencies and helplines. Call costs to these numbers vary, depending on the prefix of the number; 0800 numbers are free to the caller, 0845 numbers are charged at local rate and 0870 numbers are charged at national rate. Premium rate numbers, such as those beginning in 0871/2/3, 070 and 09, vary in cost to the caller. These numbers can generate revenue for the organisation which varies depending on the number range.

Non-geographic numbers have many potential benefits for businesses. Many businesses opt for a non-geographic number because it fosters the perception that the business is national which can boost credibility in the minds of consumers. Freephone numbers are popular with customers and can, therefore, significantly increase sales calls. Premium rate numbers can be a great way for businesses to generate additional revenue. Non-geographic numbers are convenient; they are portable because they are not dependent on a particular location.

Despite increasing ways to communicate with organisations, it is clear that consumers still value voice calls highly; for some, a telephone call is the only viable way to get in touch.
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