Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS)

Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) allows you to choose a communications provider to carry your voice calls. CPS offers a convenient way to save money on the cost of your business calls. CPS does not involve auto-diallers, PBX programming or manual prefix codes. You can keep your existing telephone numbers, lines and equipment and continue to operate as usual.

Using network access technology, CPS allows traffic that originates from your phones to be directly routed to the network provider of your choice.  CPS is modern call-routing technology that is carried out at source, making it much more reliable and effective than past call routing technology.

Our Least Cost Routing (LCR) service allows you to benefit from lower call rates, without having to change your existing line and contract. After having their business telephone lines installed, many companies find that the call rates with their provider are significantly higher than those of other service providers. However, due to contractual agreements they are unable to switch providers immediately. Using Carrier Pre-Selection, our Least Cost Routing service can provide you with considerably lower call rates, whilst working alongside your existing telephone line provider.

By switching to Midland Telecom Networks Ltd, you can considerably lower the cost of your calls. Using only tier-one carriers, such as BT Openreach, we can guarantee the highest quality call-routing. Because we only use the best quality infrastructure, you are assured that your important business calls will not degrade, irrespective of factors such as the number of users on the network or harsh weather conditions.

Switching to Midland Telecom Networks Ltd means that you also have the additional benefit of outstanding support services. We specialise in all aspects of business communications and provide a wide range of services across all platforms. If you are interested in considerably lowering your call rates, contact Midland Networks today on 0800 849 8585.

Want to know more? Watch our video on carrier pre-selection.