Telephone Cabling

At Midland Telecom Networks Ltd, we are amongst the industry leaders when it comes to Telephone Cabling. With over a decade’s experience, we offer a vast range of business communications services including telephone cabling installation as well as supply, maintenance and support of business telephone systems. If you require cabling services, then we can offer a fast and reliable service at competitive prices.

Telephone Cabling –also known as 1308 or CW1308 cabling –is designed for telephone lines and extensions as well as connecting telephones to a telephone system. Unlike structured cabling (where each of the individual cables are all wired to a central point), telephone cabling uses one pair of wires from a larger cable for each telephone, which is often wired through distribution boxes at a central point.

Telephone Cabling is normally stapled in place, whereas structured cabling is contained in PVC trunking. This can reduce the cost of cabling for your telecom system. However, unlike structured cabling (which can have telephones or computers connected), you can only use this type of cabling for telephones and telephone systems.

We believe we are the best choice for cabling services because we have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of business communications. This means you have one port of call for your entire telecom needs - lines and calls, telephones, internet and cabling - from installation through to maintenance and support!

At Midland Telecom Networks Ltd, we understand that communications are a lifeline for most businesses. When it comes to telephone cabling installation, you need an experienced company you can trust to get it right. At Midland Telecom Networks Ltd, we always use high quality components and cabling from the market leading brands. We strive to offer cost-effective solutions, whilst never compromising on quality.

For high quality telephone cabling installation services, or to discuss your cabling requirements, call Midland Telecom Networks Ltd today or simply visit our online store.