CAT 6a Data Cabling - 10Gb Data Networking is here

We’re seeing an uplift in demand for new CAT6a cabling

Here at Midland Networks, we are seeing increased demand from many of our customers for faster connectivity.

As a result, they’re calling for the very latest CAT6a data cabling.

Let’s find out more, about how CAT6a can boost your business.

Meeting fast-paced demand

One thing that is guaranteed, is that the fast pace of technological change is not slowing down, just yet.

Indeed, as our commercial and domestic hunger for faster connectivity increases, we’re all demanding more sophisticated hardware, software and cabling, to keep us up to speed.

This is where the new generation of CAT6a Ethernet data cabling comes in.

CAT 6a cabling is used to support a wide range of commercial needs including telecoms, video and audio.

Cat6a represents a serious step forward in performance from the older CAT6.

Enhanced response and performance

CAT6a is really where you want to be because it is certified at 10Gb at up to 90 metres (so delivers ten times the speed of CAT6). Getting you ready for the 10Gb networks we are expecting to see become standard over the next few years.

This is now also seen as the minimum cabling level to drive medium and high-end data centres and computer rooms.

Cat6a increases speed tenfold to what CAT6 has previously been able to provide in terms of speed and in addition

This leaves Category 6 cabling (which is now almost 20 years old) looking more like the tortoise than the hare.

CAT6a also has metal foil shielding between each pair of wires. This helps in environments where cabling may be subject to interference and also gives it an excellent boost in performance.

If you need to go beyond 90 metres, we install fibre optic OM4 cabling which also runs at 10Gb, we even install 100Gb Fibre backbones.

Performance investment

As is the case with the majority of technology updates, you can expect to pay a little more for the boosted performance that Category 6a delivers.

You will, however, also benefit from reduced noise and minimised crosstalk disturbance.

Integrated connections

Getting connected should not be a problem as Cat 6a uses the RJ-45 connectors you’re probably already using with CAT5 & CAT6.

Also, all of our cabling is Low Smoke Zero Halogen and installed to the latest safety standards.

Don’t however completely rule out Category 6 cabling. Sure, it is less speedy than its newer sibling but your usage needs (and how future hungry you are) will determine your choice of installation.

Larger Installations

On larger sites, we will install data cabinets in key areas. This includes installing CAT6a data cabling to the local area of each cabinet, ensuring distances are below the maximums and thus to the required standards.

We then link the cabinets with OM4 Fibre Optic Data Cabling (as a minimum), to ensure you achieve full 10Gb network.

Midland Networks can supply active equipment, network switches and Wi-Fi access points to ensure you always benefit from the very best possible network infrastructure.

Expertise on call

At Midland Networks, we can advise.

We are specialists in all areas of information technology, communications technology and mobile communications.

We supply business telephone systems, VoIP, Active Network Equipment, broadband and Internet Connectivity, Line & Call and much, much more.

All your connectivity

To complement and meet all your data cabling needs, we are the experts in fibre optic and wireless networks.

We can, therefore, deliver all your requirements in terms of CAT6 and CAT6a Ethernet cabling whilst uniquely supporting your business with fitting communication services for all platforms.

Quite simply, wherever you are, if you need to get connected and stay connected online - work with us.

Midland Networks also brings you direct access to advice and support from a trusted team of telecommunications experts who are at the end of the phone and ready to take your call (or attend) if needed.

We are Qualified Professionals

Our engineers are manufacturer trained and, when working on construction sites, carry CSCS & IPAF cards, as well as PPE and First Aid kits.

To get started

To discuss your CAT5 cabling, CAT6 and CAT6a cabling requirements and installation, simply give us a call.

We can then bring you a best-fit solution.  Please call (freephone) 0800 849 8585 or email