Cloud Mobile SIMs with Call Recording & Multiple Numbers

Midland Networks provide a unique Cloud SIM card service to it's customers, which gives many benefits above traditional mobile SIM cards. These services add features to your business previously not available. We can port your current number to our platform or provide new SIMs as required.  Being able to record your conversation on your mobile can be a great feature for businesses who wish to take orders via mobiles.

Key Features of Midland Networks Cloud SIMs

  • Smart Call Recording of inbound and outbound calls
  • User configurable times that SIM Card can and cannot be used
  • Data Barring, Call Baring including Premium rate numbers and International destinations etc
  • Fraud Alerts to the user and business owner
  • Multiple mobile numbers can be assigned to a single Cloud SIM

 Fraud Alerts

It's a fact of life that hackers will always try to find a weakness and exploit it. We fraud service fraud alerts as part of our service, these are triggered when a customisable event happens. This is all done via our online secure online user portal.

Multiple Numbers

Our Cloud Sims are available with multiple mobile numbers which extends the usage possibilities even further, one number for each business you have and one for personal, all on the same mobile.

Call Recording

With Midland Network Cloud SIMs all your calls can be recorded into your cloud storage to search and listen to when required.  All calls are immediately transferred to your storage, so you can play your last call back or one from a year ago simple by search time, date or number. You can export and email these calls, so it makes it ideal for businesses taking or making sales calls from there mobiles

Customisable Barring

You can block phones from being used out or your office hours or block SIMs from data, premium or international numbers as required.


Need more information? Download the cloud mobile SIMs brochure here.