Call Traffic Only - Least Cost Routing (LCR) & Carrier Pre Selection (CPS)

Why choose Midland Telecom Networks Ltd?

After having business telephone lines installed, many companies discover that the communications companies call rates are significantly higher than other service providers. Due to contractual agreements, you may not be able to switch provider. This is where Midland Networks’ Least Cost Routing (LCR) service comes in. By taking advantage of this service, you will be able to benefit from low call rates with an alternative telecoms company, while keeping your existing line and contract. Midland Telecom Networks Ltd can considerably lower your call rates whilst working alongside your existing telephone line provider.

What are the benefits?

When you switch your company’s calls to Midland Networks, you will enjoy much more than just lower costs. We can guarantee the highest quality call routing. The quality of a call route depends on a service provider’s infrastructure; we use BT Openreach and other tier-one carriers only – we do not route your call though other countries unless, of course, you are making a call to that country. By using only the best quality infrastructure, your important calls will not degrade, irrespective of factors such as weather conditions and the number of users on the network. Quality calls are essential because they determine a client’s perception of your business. This quality could be the determining factor that makes or breaks a deal. If the quality is so poor that neither you nor the customer can understand what is being said, then the customer’s confidence in your company will be eroded. Such a scenario is bad for any business.

How does it work?

You might be wondering how call routing works. Previously, for calls to be switched there had to be a routing table in your telephone system. This table ranked the networks that could carry a call, depending on the cost of each of the networks. This routing table was created manually by a technical professional in the industry. In addition, some software packages were also available for routing purposes. However, this software was not a ‘plug and play’ application. Someone had to manually configure it for the routing to happen the way it should; customers would not want their calls going through the most expensive service provider instead of the cheapest. With call costs changing often, it was almost impossible to manage and, as a result, many systems still have old and incorrect programming in them.

At Midland Networks, we offer a great service called Carrier Pre Selection (CPS) where all routing is carried out at source, rendering the old telephone system routing obsolete. We are able to provide modern call routing with the additional benefit of an outstanding support service. If you are interested in considerably lowering your call rates with our Call Traffic Only service, then contact us today to find out more.
Want to know more? Watch our video on carrier pre-selection and least cost call routing.