EE, Orange, T-Mobile

EE is the UK's largest, fastest, and most reliable mobile network. They were Pioneers of the first high speed 4g mobile service. While others may have followed suit and launched their own superfast mobile service, EE are the front runners with larger coverage than the other big networks.

EE, which stands for Everything Everywhere, was founded back in 2010 and went live in 2012. Two of the longest standing mobile network providers in the UK, Orange and T-Mobile, decided to join forces to position themselves at the front of the 4g race. With the second highest bid of the UK 4g mobile spectrum sale, they managed to achieve this goal. Joining together allowed them to offer unbeatable coverage which, in turn, allowed them to roll out their services with greater speed than any of the other networks in the UK.

Today EE has 27 million customers and makes bold claims of providing their customers with 'the best network and the best service in the UK'.

As well as providing unrivalled coverage for both voice calls and 3g / 4g data in the UK, EE probably also has the best range of tariffs available. Customers are able to choose between EE tariffs, T-Mobile tariffs and Orange tariffs, which means there is bound to be something to suit you. At Midland Telecom Networks Ltd, we are able to offer all tariffs across the EE network, so whether you prefer to stay loyal with T-Mobile or Orange billing or opt for one of the brilliant value, super fast EE packages, you will undoubtedly be more than satisfied with the service, package and care you receive.

At Midland Telecom Networks Ltd, we take the time to find out the exact requirements of your business before tailoring a mobile package to suit. Once the package has been decided upon, we can go on to match the perfect handsets if required. We even take the time to sit down and show you how everything works, should you need us to.

If you're looking for a mobile connection for your business, be it one line or many, Midland Telecom Networks Ltd can assist. Contact us today and speak to one of knowledgeable and friendly team members who will be able to find the perfect match for you.