Guest Wi-Fi for your Restaurant


Providing Wi-Fi for your restaurant guests may seem counter to your desire for quality conversation and the enjoyment of your outstanding food.  But, you may be missing an opportunity to know your customers better and the chance to provide them with valuable information that could make their experience in your restaurant even more fulfilling.

Our Guest Wi-Fi service comes with an analytics service that will allow you to collect valuable data.  This data could help you target products and offers to your customers and increase the potential of your business. Sign in through email allows you to contact customers with relevant information. Or, if you choose to encourage guests to sign in with their social media accounts, there is a wealth of information available to your business.

You can use our digital dashboard to analyse data and then feed this into your digital marketing software.  There is also the option of optimising your Guest Wi-Fi with our suite of marketing and communications plugins.  These plugins can filter material from your Customer Relations Management (CRM) software and onto the Guest Wi-Fi homepage and beyond.

You can also use our Guest Wi-Fi editor to include advertisements and bespoke welcome messages on the welcome screen.  You can change logos and images, text and links, making your site accurate to your menu and to the season. Our contextual technology allows you to respond in real-time to the changing face of your restaurant.

Wi-Fi is fast becoming an essential service for your clients.  There is an expectation that people should be able to access business grade free guest Wi-Fi wherever they are.  People like to stay connected and feel comforted by the knowledge that they are capturing all essential communications.  When a customer is relaxed you know they will stay longer, and eat and drink more.

With our Guest Wi-Fi you can be sure that the service provided is secure, PCI compliant and scalable.  No matter how many restaurants are in your chain, we can provide the Guest Wi-Fi to enhance your customers’ experience. We believe that you will find our fully managed Wi-Fi affordable and you will see a return on your investment through greater customer engagement.

Contact us today on 0800 849 8585 to see how our Guest Wi-Fi enhanced service can boost your profitability and provide an exceptional experience for your clients.