Why Choose Midland Networks For Your Mobile Signal Booster Installation?

 Background to Midland Networks & Mobile Booster Installations

You are welcome to view the about us page above, Midland Networks are an established business founded in 2007. Our Operations Director has 30+ years of coalface telecoms engineering experience.  Both he and the business have, therefore, grown up within the industry and have an unusually high level
of technical knowledge and delivery expertise.  Suffice to say, there is nothing that David and his team do not know about the technical side of business telecommunications. Midland Networks can, therefore, recommend and bring you an appropriate, best price, solution.


Mobile Signal Boosters & License Exempt Mobile Signal Boosters

Mobile Signal Boosters are installed in buildings where there is an existing external mobile phone signal but inside, this is lost, either partially or fully. They take you from no or limited signal to give you a consistent and reliable signal wherever you and your people are, within your building or buildings. Mobile Signal Boosters are especially beneficial for organisations that have multiple locations or work across a number of floors.


Who are the main people we help?

Midland Networks is especially well placed to help IT managers and project managers as well as MDs & business owners.   We look after larger Clients such as the West Midlands Fire Service, Genting Casinos and the University of London and also install for small businesses that need the right system at the right cost.  Using a reputable company like ourselves gives peace of mind to buyers, where if the project goes wrong it is their reputation that is on the line.  We are consistent, straight forward engineers, the price we quote is the price we invoice and the promises we give and the standard that we deliver.  We help you understand and then solve any tech communication issues you have.


Who have we helped with Mobile Signal Boosters UK?

One key client is the University of London where we delivered an extensive installation. We have also installed mobile phone signal boosters for Genting  (a Multinational leisure & casino chain) and for a number of other UK commercial organisations.


To find out more

Would your organisation benefit from a mobile signal booster system? If yes, it’s very easy to get started, simply give Midland Networks a call and we’ll have a conversation about what you’re trying to achieve. We can then bring you a best fit solution. Please call (freephone) 0800 849 8585 or email hello@midlandnetworks.co.uk


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