Vodafone Launch WiFi Calling

Last week Vodafone launched their WiFi calling service, allowing pay monthly Vodafone Red customers with compatible handsets to make calls using their WiFi connection when their mobile signal is poor or nonexistent.

This service is one easy way to deal with “dead zones”, areas with a lack of mobile signal, without having to construct and install more base stations or cell towers. It may prove especially useful for users who use the London Underground regularly, or those who live in rural areas of the UK.

Unlike previous attempts at WiFi calling, such as Talkatone or Skype’s offers, Vodafone’s WiFi calling does not require any external applications, transferring of contacts, or come with any additional fees.

The only downside of WiFi calling for those who are eligible appear to be the affect it can have on mobile phone battery life – running WiFi constantly can eat into battery life, making it imperfect for users of phones with notoriously bad battery capacities. The service is also unavailable when travelling abroad, or when making international calls.

Cindy Rose, Vodafone UK Consumer Director, said: “Our WiFi calling service allows customers to talk to loved ones, friends and colleagues for longer and in many more places. It is easy to use and doesn’t cost a penny more. It works wherever a customer is connected to WiFi, in a café, at home or the office, and automatically connects just like a normal call when a mobile signal is weak or non-existent.”

The service release follows EE’s roll out of WiFi calling in April of this year.