Mobile Signal Boosters - Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Mobile Signal Boosters?

Mobile phones are such a central part of business these days, it is almost impossible to imagine working without them. If you are making or receiving business calls on mobile devices, then you cannot afford to drop signal midway through an important call. You need consistent network coverage.


What do Mobile Signal Boosters do?

Mobile Signal Boosters are devices which extend the area range and use of mobile phones.  They are typically installed in buildings where there is an existing external mobile phone signal, but once you move inside this is lost, either partially or fully.  Employees in your office or warehouse may for example, have strong reception in some areas but this may be lost as they move around; with coverage cutting out at some desks or workstations.


What Results Can Be Expected?

Mobile Signal Boosters take you from no or limited signal, to a reliable signal wherever you are.  UK Mobile Signal Boosters are powerful and can take your phone from one bar to five, and enable 3G and 4G coverage.


Do I Need a Survey Before I Order?

Midland Networks are a highly experienced telecoms provider and we can install a mobile signal booster to enable your people to use their mobile phones anywhere within your building or buildings. There is a range of Mobile Signal Boosters out there and it is important that you install the one that is most appropriate (in terms of both coverage and cost) for your needs. The exact needs of your business will differ and a survey is required so that we can recommend an appropriate system.


What Types of Mobile Signal Booster Survey Do You Offer?

We conduct two types of survey. Firstly, a free of charge onsite survey to determine if we can improve coverage and in order to provide a quotation.

Secondly a chargeable survey, with a detailed report on coverage of all networks, cabling runs, aerial and coverage unit locations and so on -  The cost of this survey will be deducted from any future order of equipment and services.


Who Are Mobile Signal Boosters ideal for?

Not having full mobile phone reception can seriously damage profitability in any business.  This may be an individual organisation working from one building or it may be a  business with a number of office locations, stores or venues.  You may also have remote home workers located in different buildings, but all needing to be connected.  We enable you to integrate your systems and people.


Business Relocations

Other organisations that commonly benefit from Mobile Signal Boosters UK are businesses planning to relocate or that have just moved into new premises.  It is quite common for organisations to relocate and then find that the mobile coverage for their new building or buildings is inadequate.  Happily, Midland Networks has the solution.


How much do Mobile Signal Boosters Cost?

Considering how critical is it that your business and your people have the right mobile phone coverage, this is a highly effective solution. It may cost you a lot less than you think!  Typically pricing starts at £900 and increases based on how many networks need coverage, the size of the building and difficulty of installation.


Want to find out more?
It’s very easy to get started, simply give Midland Networks a call and we’ll have a conversation about what you’re trying to achieve. We can then bring you a best-fit solution. Please call (freephone) 0800 849 8585 or email


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