Mobile Signal Boosters - Beware of illegal installers

Legal installation and use of mobile signal booster technology

It only became possible in the UK in the summer of 2018 to use mobile signal boosters that were not directly supplied by each individual mobile operator. This was Following a change in legislation to benefit consumers. Midland Networks can now offer Legal Mobile Boosters, also known as License Exempt Mobile Signal Boosters.  It is still the case, however, that you can go online and buy a box to extend your mobile phone signal. Beware,  doing this may be illegal, as you will not have a licence to actually switch the device on.  In addition, if this equipment is not installed correctly, it can even interfere with existing mobile phone signals and cause havoc for you and your neighbours.  Do remember that Ofcom, the UK's communications regulator, can enter any building and seize illegal equipment at any time.  What’s more, it is not just a question of having illegal equipment confiscated.  Ofcom can also heavily fine the user or business. Just like in the way that the TV detector vans can search for and identify TV use from outside, Ofcom technicians can track use of UK Mobile Signal Boosters without having to enter the building.  So do take care and remember that some equipment sellers may say that the Mobile Signal Boosters they are providing are fully legal. When it comes to the signal booster installation, that may be the case. The problem is, as soon as you switch your system on, you will be breaking the law.


Midland Networks - Official and Ofcom registered

Midland Networks is Ofcom registered and regulated and this means the services and equipment we install can be inspected at any time, by this official body.  We welcome this. This also means that if you are in any way dissatisfied with the service we provide, you can complain directly to Ofcom.  In this fast-paced industry, our trusted reputation has been earned because we take care to look after our customers and build long-term, supportive relationships with them.  We also promise to only provide and install appropriate and compliant equipment - and charge a fair and correct price.

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