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Sector: Travel

Number of customers: 5,000

What does your company do?
The company is a cultural travel and events organiser. We host regular lectures in central London and organise trips around Europe to cultural sites and events. These can be anything from historic country houses to New Year’s Eve opera in Vienna

In the past how has your IT been delivered?
We used to have a large office with in-house IT but we now work from a smaller office and when we down sized we decided to go to the cloud. We used Google Docs, Dropbox and the like, really whatever was out there and cheap.

What was the key event that led you to move from traditional IT to the Hosted Desktop model?
We opened an office in the states when one of our team moved back home. But working across different time zones started to become a problem when collaborating on documents, we ended up with three versions of a document. The wrong one was sent for printing. An expensive mistake all down to people using different cloud storage, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Why did you choose Hosted Desktop?
We missed having IT that just worked, that new starters were familiar with and that had centralised storage. Some of the people we work with are academics who frankly are happier with an old book than a MacBook so we needed something that was familiar and easy.

How has Hosted Desktop changed the way you work?
Well, we no longer worry about which document has been sent to the printers! But more than that, our productivity has gone up as we can work while away on the tours.

In what ways Hosted Desktop helped your company achieve its commercial goals?
We are now functioning better as a company, the old piecemeal approach was really a pain every day, now we don’t even think about our IT. Focusing on what you do and doing it well is working for us and we have added three new members to our team, without the worry of whether our IT systems would cope.

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