In this day and age, we are increasingly internet dependent. Almost all of us own at least a smartphone, if not tablets and laptops too, and we carry these devices with us everywhere we go. We have a desire to be constantly connected with other people and flows of information. As such, internet availability is often a deciding factor when choosing where to spend our time and money. By providing internet access to your customers and visitors, you are offering a value added service that will encourage them to walk through your doors. However, allowing guests access your network presents obvious security risks. You don’t want sensitive data getting into the wrong hands, whether it’s private company files or customer details; you don’t want to provide a gateway for hackers. This is what puts many companies off from offering internet access at their premises, and quite understandably. However, there is a simple way to avoid these risks and enjoy the best of both worlds – a network that remains secure and internet access for all. The solution is guest WiFi. We take a look at how guest WiFi ensures that your network remains secure….

A guest WiFi network is, essentially, separate from your main business network. It provides guests with limited access, which is entirely controlled by you. It allows temporary users of your network to enjoy full internet connectivity, but without compromising your network because they won’t have access to any of your internal network information. This protects your network from potential malware and viruses that may be sitting on the devices of your visitors as well as ensuring that confidential data cannot be accessed by outsiders. This way, you can still comply with regulations governing the proper handling of data and reassure clients that their data is secure.

Guest WiFi uses a separate SSID, so users won’t have access to the password for your main company network. You can have a separate password for the guest network, perhaps something that’s easy to remember for ease of use, whilst keeping your main network passphrase private. Of course, it is recommended that the passphrase for your main company network offers maximum security. Make sure that it is long, contains a mix of numbers and letters and is not easy to guess. You can also control when guests can access the WiFi and when they can’t, so you can simply turn off the guest WiFi when there are no visitors for added protection.

Guest WiFi puts you in control of the content that is accessible to guests. You can filter and block access to certain websites that you deem to be inappropriate for your environment or potentially dangerous. You can also prioritise the bandwidth for your employees, offering reasonable speeds to your guests whilst ensuring that productivity in your business is not compromised by visitors draining the bandwidth.

It’s important to be aware that not all WiFi routers offer the option of a separate network. If you want to benefit from guest WiFi and ensure that it offers the maximum protection and benefits, it’s advisable to approach a specialist provider and have it correctly installed. By investing in a proper business WiFi service, you can enjoy additional benefits such as a customisable user experience and valuable marketing analytics. For business-grade guest WiFi installations in Worcester and the West Midlands, contact Midland Networks today on 0800 849 8585.