NEC telephone systems

The Nippon Electric Company Limited was created in 1899 by Kunihiko Iwadare, a graduate of Kobu University’s department of telegraphic communications. He was one of the few Japanese to work with Thomas Edison. NEC was a co-venture with the Western Electric Company and Iwadare became the first president of a foreign-capital enterprise based in Japan.

Recent history has seen the award winning NEC implement CiRCUS, the i-mode gateway system, an elementary circuit for quantum computers, the smallest mobile telephone in the world, an ultra-thin rechargeable battery, PASOLINK, the ultra-compact microwave system and the first domestic IA server, Express Server, which has sold over 1000000 units to date.

NEC enjoys partnerships with several high profile companies including CSG Ltd., Convergys’, Interpol, Global Information Management and Lenovo, they’re also expanding. So, with a rich history in innovation that continues into the present day, NEC technology is a safe bet. With this in mind, we consider why you choose an NEC telephone system…

NEC offers its valued clients the following benefits:

Dependable but powerful systems utilising years of expertise and new innovations, NEC phone systems are made using high quality enduring components. Consequently, you can enjoy a reliable system that lasts the test of time.

All of NEC’s telephone systems are user-friendly, so you won’t fall foul of jargon or be faced with lengthy training periods. This positively impacts efficiency and productivity, with new employees being able to get to work faster and not being slowed down by confusing technology.

NEC technology lowers the cost of business communications for single or multiple office networks. NEC telephone systems have call centre (2-500 users) and home working capabilities, within the building roaming facilities and the system can be networked to the required scale.

Phone systems from NEC are a wise investment; NEC’s reliability, innovation and expertise means that you’ll enjoy blue chip qualities without excessive costs.

Clever system features will result in enhanced customer service. NEC phone systems are designed with optimum operational efficiency in mind. When you choose an NEC system, you can benefit from intelligent accompanying software such as the MyCalls call management range. The reporting tools are vital for effective monitoring and team management while field based staff members may access their voicemail away from the office and receive message notifications. Some of the latest systems from NEC also offer IP and Unified Communications technology.

Your business and telephone system infrastructure may alter in the future and NEC’s expertise has already provided for this. There are a range of NEC systems which are designed with easy scalability in mind, so the system you invest in will remain effective as your business grows.

Why buy NEC phone systems from Midland Networks?

Midland Networks is an accredited NEC partner, with extensive knowledge and expertise in the entire range of NEC phone systems, past and present. You will have the availability and security of knowing that there are dedicated support staff to assist with any query or issue resolution. The team are fully conversant with the systems, so you won’t be passed from person to person and suffer a frustrating call. Our experts will help you swiftly and confidently. They understand that you’re busy.

We offer specialist NEC telephone system maintenance contracts, allowing you to be proactive about your telephone system’s performance, ensuring continual reliability. During routine visits, an expert engineer can locate small issues and rectify them before they escalate and become costly to you. The cost of a maintenance contract with instant help, prompt visits and parts, always outweighs the stress and the loss of business from reacting to a system crisis and down time without having a contract in place. The adage is correct; prevention is better than cure.

At Midland Networks, we supply a full range of NEC phone systems and accompanying software packages. We are approved by NEC to supply, install and maintain its products, so you know that you are dealing with experts. What’s more, we can offer comprehensive and tailored communications solutions and at some of the most competitive prices around.

If you would like to take advantage of NEC telephone systems with expert NEC telephone system support, from a company you can trust, contact Midland Networks today.