Ofcom Ruling on Mobile Signal Boosters

A copy of the Ofcom Guidance ruling on mobile signal boosters.  At the time of updating this webpage, the link to this article is




Midland Networks are an Ofcom regulated company, we are proud that in over a decade of service we have not received a single complaint about our service to Ofcom or our dispute resolution service.


We only supply and install Ofcom legal equipment, we will never install illegal mobile signal boosters.  Any equipment supplied by us will be certified legal to use.


Static Indoor Repeaters (Wording is taken from Ofcom Website)

The first are known as static mobile phone repeaters. These are for indoor use, and are designed to improve coverage inside peoples’ homes, offices and other buildings. They must not be used in other situations.  For example, while in motion, such as in a vehicle.

The ‘downlink’ from these repeaters (the part that connects the repeater to the mobile phone) must not be used outside or in semi-open locations. It must be used inside a building which has a ceiling or a roof.

The ‘uplink’ (the part that connects the repeaters to the mobile phone network) can be used either indoors or outdoors.

This type of repeater may not be helpful in all situations. However, they can help to boost indoor signals in situations where there is reasonable mobile coverage just outside the building, but indoor coverage is not good enough.

We have restricted these types of repeaters so they amplify the signal from only one mobile phone network at a time, although they may be re-configured to a different network.


What should I look out for? (Wording is taken from Ofcom Website)

Watch out for repeaters that claim to be wideband, or those which amplify signals from more than one operator at a time. Repeaters that operate in this way do not comply with our requirements and using them continues to be unlawful.

You should only buy repeaters from reputable retailers and look for a ‘CE’ mark on the equipment.

Indoor repeaters that claim to be 4G and/or LTE only (or 800 MHz only) are also unlikely to meet our requirements. Legal indoor repeaters must boost a 2G or 3G signal at all times.

Ofcom - Mobile Phone Boosters

What does this mean in Midland Network's opinion?

While we cannot name specific websites for legal reasons, most online retailers of this equipment are selling equipment that is illegal to use.  While it is not illegal to sell such equipment, it is often imported from countries where it is ok to use these products and they are then re-selling them in the UK, where it is illegal to use them.

It is unfortunate that many people and businesses are unaware of the legality of the products they are buying from the internet, it is understandable that they then struggle to find a reputable installer once they have purchased the products.

We would always recommend avoiding the pitfalls of using illegal equipment and rogue installers, a penny saved now could cost you or your business dearly later.


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